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College Courses

Napa Valley College at New Tech


Napa Valley College and New Technology High School have a long withstanding relationship of helping support students achieve the 12 college unit (transferring Seniors must complete 6 units) requirement for graduation.  New Tech students have access to both classes at the college campus, as well as, the courses that are offered on our campus every semester.


It is recommended that New Tech High students do not consider taking a college course until at least the Spring semester of their Sophomore year.  The following courses are recommended as good entry points to college life:  DART 120 & 125, COUN 100 & 110, HUMA 100 & 101.  It is recommended that New Tech High students follow progression of completion of college courses (generally 4 are required to complete the 12 units):

  • We do not recommend students taking college classes until after Fall of their Sophomore Year
  • Prior to Junior Year: 1 college course
  • Prior to Senior Year: 3 college courses
  • Complete college course requirement prior to Spring of Senior Year

Below you will find more information about the enrollment process for high school students at Napa Valley College:


Choosing Your Courses:


Choosing your college courses is an important part of the process.  Many times, there are many factors in play for what classes make the most sense for you.  Below are some criteria to consider when choosing courses:

  • Does the course match my interest, passions, or potential career pathway?
  • Does the time of the class fit into my schedule?
  • How many courses can I manage taking at one time?  Do I know what workload I can handle?
  • What skills are necessary to navigate college classes?
  • Can I prioritize and balance my high school work and college work?

New Tech High has created a Napa Valley College Course Map to help students navigate what the best courses for them to take are.


There is no perfect formula for students when choosing courses.  We recommend that students engage in our college course planning opportunities to map out how they will progress in successfully completing at least 12 units.  As well, it is important to know that high school students have the LAST priority in registration.  This means that even if a student is really interested in a course or section, depending on demand, it might fill up before they can even register.  Having a plan makes a difference!


Courses Offered Fall 2018 Semester:


High School Students may begin registering on May 24th.  Courses begin on August 13th.  The following courses will be offered on New Tech High’s campus in the Fall of 2018:


  • ACCT125, Financial Accounting, 5 units, 8/30 to 12/15, Thursday, 3:15 to 5:15 pm
  • ADMJ120, Intro to Criminal Justice, 3 units, 8/28 to 12/15, Tuesday, 3:15 to 4:30 pm
  • ARTH110, History of Graphic Design, 3 units, 8/27 to 12/8, Monday/Wednesday, 3:30 to 5:05 pm
  • BUSI100, Intro to Business, 3 units, 8/28 to 12/15, Wednesday, 3:15 to 5:15 pm


Enrollment Process


New Tech High students must follow the enrollment process for Napa Valley College students.  Please follow the steps below to learn more:


Classes Not At Napa Valley College


New Technology High School students may take college courses at higher education institutions other than Napa Valley College.  Courses must be UC/CSU transferrable to be considered to meet the graduation requirement.  Please see Mrs. Martinez if you have any questions about classes at a different higher education institution.


Submitting Your Transcripts


One of the most vital components of college classes at New Tech High is the submission of transcripts.  Students will have multiple opportunities to submit their transcripts.  Students can send a digital copy of their WebAdvisor (Napa Valley College) or other transcript to Mrs. Cherrington after the completion of each semester.


To access the current course schedule for Napa Valley College, please visit WebAdvisor.