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NVUSD Students Receive Free, On-Campus College Placement Testing
Posted 11/1/21

Over 1,400 high school students began their college exploration journey last month by participating in free offerings of the PSAT and SAT tests. The district covered the cost and administered the test on campus during the school day to ensure accessibility to all. In the past, students tested on a Saturday at various host schools, some outside of the local area. 

Students take the PSAT in preparation for the SAT  and is an integral part of the college application process for many four-year colleges. “By making this crucial first step in the college pathway convenient and available to all, we are supporting their future success - in whatever post-secondary journey they embark on, said Monica Ready, Director III Curriculum, Instruction, and English Learner Services.

Since 2019, NVUSD has paid for students to take either the PSAT or the SAT, supporting the district’s strategic plan goal to have all students graduate college- and career-ready.

"Taking the SAT can be such a stressful test to prepare for and to engage in; I know that's extremely true for myself. However, having the school administer free testing has been super helpful in me achieving my best possible score,” said Sophia T., a senior at Napa High School.  “It makes me feel supported by our administration and district, so I really appreciate Napa High for providing this benefit. "