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Breakfast: Starting the Day Off Right
Posted 9/22/22


The Napa Valley Unified School District (NVUSD) recently launched its Breakfast in the Classroom program, allowing all TK-12th grade students the opportunity to eat a free, nutritious breakfast each school day after the bell has rung. While breakfast has been offered for some students, this program ensures all students have access to the morning meal and does not require them to arrive at school early.

McPherson Elementary School Principal Troy Knox has noticed the positive impact. He shares, “In just the first few weeks of this school year, I have already seen an increase in student attention, fewer behavior issues, and better attitudes because students are provided a healthy, nutritious meal to start their day. Plus, I have not made any trips this year to a grocery store to make sure I had enough snacks for students.” 

West Park Elementary Principal Katelyn Bennett shares similar sentiments, “We were nervous at first. Change can be hard, but our community rose to the occasion. Students and teachers can now be found in their classroom or outside on a beautiful day eating breakfast while they participate in community circle time or other aspects of their morning routine. What’s most surprising is now almost every student is eating every morning! Students are getting the fuel they need to learn.”

California is the first state in the nation to pass free universal meals. This state mandate coupled with a strong commitment from NVUSD resulted in this research-backed program, one that will only continue to be finetuned and evolved to best serve our students.

So, wondering what’s for breakfast tomorrow? Visit the NOSH website to learn more about our meal program and future meal offerings.